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Primary Care

Below is a primary care 'Green Script' example:

Barrie is in the Clinic for his 75+ health assessment. He has mild dementia with an MMSE score of 23/30. Barrie’s wife, Dianne, has noticed Barrie's mood is getting low and he is anxious especially in the afternoons. Barrie usually enjoys walking, his garden and the birds visiting his bird bath, but is spending more time sitting indoors. This has worsened with Covid restrictions.

You understand the frustration Barrie is feeling and encourage him to engage in the activities he enjoys. You explain that physical activity and being outdoors could help his mood and be good for his brain health. You decide a 'Green Script' could be beneficial and provide information on the local Woowookarung Dementia Friendly and Sensory Trail. You recommend that he walk for 30 minutes along the Trail three times a week and suggest the challenge of locating the indigenous animal sculptures and identifying the local birds.


Primary Care




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